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Propuesta de Matrimonio en China 2019

she knew it would be a super anniversary trip But she did not know that this trip would change his life Please Keep silence and turn Off your cellphone 3, 2, 1 Action Let´s begins the most waited event of the year ehhh! I say that this is the event for our year Today from the great wall, tomorrow from anywhere of the world precisely I brought you to know this wonder of the world, in order that you meet other wonder different from you Because you are my eighth wonder and that make me so happy Although it makes me happier to know that always asked to God for a little princess And my little princess of God appeared to fill my life of happiness Someone say that who falls in love can become in a pig But for you, I would become in a pig, cat, donkey or whatever Come on baby Get on my chair, and I’ll give you a ride around the world! But to travel across the world, I will become in your super man to take care always of my little princess of God Today I just want that this day would be the most special anniversary of our lifes But you know what anniversary, this is nothing that has to do with it I have the truth here My love will you marry me? I told you all with the posters I love you I know you’re the princess that God sent me Error by nerves! But later I corrected The End??? Not just the beginning!!!

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